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750ml Rum Glass Bottle
750ml Rum Glass Bottle is preferably made by thickening environmentally friendly glass and using innovative techniques to make it, so the bottle produced is watertight and environmentally friendly. Its smooth rounded mouth has a threaded design on the per
Crystal Rum Glass Bottle
We use high quality glass in the glass formulation used in this Crystal Rum Glass Bottle and then send it to the furnace for melting. Our furnace heats the batch mixture to about 1565 degrees Celsius, or 2850 degrees Fahrenheit, to produce molten glass.
Clear Rum Glass Bottle
Clear Rum Glass Bottle's transparency, production and workmanship are not only manifested in the display, but also the details of the treatment. Its bottle is made of high-quality glass with bright color, low expansion, high strength, high hardness, high
Round Rum Glass Bottle
This Round Rum Glass Bottle can provide different styles of bottle decoration, such as icing, color coating, decorative baking, screen printing, electroplating, embossing and so on. The product is made of lead-free high-transparent glass, which is transpa
Frosted Rum Glass Bottle
Frosted Rum Glass Bottle has a very good non-slip bottom because its bottom has a non-slip strip design to increase its friction with the table top. Its sleek finish is finely ground, so it's light and comfortable to clean. Its bottle stopper is tightly s
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